George and Gladys

In the early spring of 2010 my husband and I were talking one evening about his mother’s ghosts and her extreme fear of them.  Bill’s mother is 90 years old.  Her second husband, George, committed suicide about a year before my mother did but in a much more dramatic way: he shot himself in the head.  I was at work the day this happened.  Bill called me and after insisting that I sit down he told me what happened.  George took out his false teeth and emptied his pockets onto the nightstand in the bedroom.  Then went out into the back yard with a revolver, stuck it into his mouth, and pulled the trigger.  Bill’s mother was in another part of the condo but she heard the noise when the gun went off.  She found him in the back yard and went screaming to the neighbor’s.  They called 911 and the rest is what you would expect.

Bill’s sister stayed with their mother for a couple months after that happened.  During that time they could sense George in the condo.  They could hear him walking around and even feel him brush past them.  Bill spent one night in the condo (the night after it happened) and he said he slept with his back to the window all night, for fear he would see George standing outside in the back yard or worse – looking in the window!

Eventually they got creeped out enough to contact a local priest, who came to the condo, tossed some holy water around, and convinced George that he really, really should go into the light.  What’s done is done, you’re dead now, and you’re freaking out your survivors.  So please – get on with it.  George apparently took the priestly advice as the condo quit oozing spooky vibes afterward.  However he almost always turns up when I have a reading – the medium will say to me “I have a man here who says he shot himself in the head!”  That’s George!  Often he is with my husband’s grandmother – his mother’s mother – Gladys.  They first time they showed up I had no idea who Gladys was until Bill listened to the recording of the session and was shocked to recognize his grandmother.

George and Gladys are now my mother-in-law’s direct line to the other side.  They try to help her out like my mother helps my Dad out.  Problem is she’s freaking terrified of them.  She often “senses” George, which doesn’t bother her so much, but they also come to her in dreams which she really hates.  She says they want her to go with them.  She is afraid if she does she’ll die.  I doubt it – they will probably just take her on a wild lucid dream experience.  And if not, she is 90 and her departure from the Earth plane is likely to be sooner rather than later, and wouldn’t it be easier to go with them in a dream than hang around and be tortured to death by doctors milking her insurance company?  But that is another topic entirely.

George is also a great messenger, I discovered quite by accident.  As I began in this article, one evening Bill and I were talking about this.  As I went to sleep, I went into a meditative state and sent George a mental telepathy.  I thanked him for trying to help Bill’s mother out and apologized that his reception had been a bit – cold – and asked him to please not give up on her.  Oh and by the way – if you see my mother tell her I said “Hi!” and ask her to give me a call sometime.

That same night I had a massive lucid dream visitation –the subject of the next post!

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