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Laura Mason Lockard
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I am a business analyst by day and an artist and writer by night! I play harp, flute in its many historical forms, flageolet (wooden pennywhistle), and sing. I am not sure how it happened, but someone convinced me I should learn to play viola da gamba.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out.  Some of the groups with which I perform are listed in the links for my other websites. I am also a historical garment designer with over twenty years of experience.

I have always had very vivid and memorable dreams.  I can remember dreams I had as an infant.  Many of these dreams took place in the same non-physical places.  When I was about nine I started talking with friends about dreams.  This was my first clue that my dreams were unusual.  Explaining this to others made me realize that these places existed in dreams and stayed constant from one dream to the next, even with gaps of many years.  I had some very long discussions with my mother as I figured out which locations in my early memories were from dreams and which ones existed in waking physical reality.  Finding out that many of my most memorable childhood experiences happened in dreams was a mind blowing discovery.  I started calling these places “dreamscapes” since they were dream-landscapes.  A few years later a movie came out with that title and commandeered my term!  After this realization, the dreamscapes became what is now referred to as a dream sign.  Whenever I find myself there I knew that I was dreaming.  This is how I learned to lucid dream spontaneously.

Even as a small child I seemed to have an interest and a connection to ancestors, but things really started happening when I was about twelve years old.  I had some very traumatic experiences that yeilded some very “big” dreams.  My maternal grandmother, who died when I was about 18 months old, began appearing in my dreams and passing along information intended for my mother and her sisters.  They did a good job of hiding their reactions from me and I did not understand that this information was intended to heal them, rather than some mystery that was being presented to me to solve.  Because I didn’t understand this I am afraid I was not the world’s most compassionate medium.  I guess I was the only one available at the time who could communicate with her and so my grandmother had to make do.

During this time I was taken to an assortment of psychologists, most of whom were at a complete loss to explain what or why this business with the dreams was happening.  There was one, however, who had read about Dr. Stephen LeBerge’s newly published research proving that lucid dreaming was a real, scientifically verifiable phenomena.  She passed this information on to me and introduced me to the term “lucid dreaming”.  From that point on I had a come back for people who accused me of making it all up!  Inside the family these types of dreams were accepted – most of us had them, as well as out of body experiences, ghost sightings, and odd paranormal happenings.

Eventually this all settled down and for most of my 20’s and 30’s I lived what could almost be called a normal life.  I continued to have lucid dreams and a few ADC contact dreams but it did not dominate my life to the extent it did when I was a teenager.

Another significant shift happened in 2008 when my elderly mother committed suicide.  The ADC contact experiences began within hours of her death and completely changed the course of my life.  I never expected it, but given everything that happened when I was a teenager, I should have.

I often point out that having an ADC or the ability to communicate with loves ones “on the other side” is not a get out of jail free card from grief.  But as I worked through the grief from my mother’s death, and two years later my father’s, I began to wonder if sharing these experiences would help others to cope with their bereavement.  Loosing loved ones to death is one of those universal human experiences.  If we live long enough it happens to all of us.  In the society we live in death is taboo and we are encouraged to not think or talk about these things.  When we do it is always in a negative way.  A friend of mine commented about the most recent Indiana Jones movie, where a character refers to reaching the point “where life stops giving and starts taking back”.

Having had the experiences I have, I think I now understand what Jesus says in the Bible about “storing up treasures in heaven”.  This is the positive perspective on this universal experience of loss – we begin to seriously question and wonder “what is out there” and what happens when we die.  Because now, like it or not, we have a large investment in it.  Our loved ones are there, where ever there is.  Now it matters.  THEY are the treasures we are storing up in heaven.

This site is the product of my attempts to understand and share my experiences with altered states of consciousness – be they out of body experiences, meditational states, or lucid dreams – and the place where they overlap with other non-physical consensus realities inhabited by those who have made the transition we call death.

I come from a Christian background and still consider myself to be Christian, even if many of those who share the faith are uncomfortable to outright hostile to my experiences and my interpretations of them.  In fact, I have met Jesus in the lucid dream state.  Given that information about altered states was purged from Christianity many centuries ago means that I often “borrow” ideas from other relgions that do address and embrace these ideas.  I have learned to have a somewhat flexible belief system, as I frequently have new experiences that surprise the heck out of me and demand that I re-evaluate what I belive all over again.

But then again, eventually LOSS catches up with all of us and demands that we re-evaluate what we believe.  While it is a painful experience that we do not enjoy, it does seem to be one of the few things that snaps us out of being purely physical, selfish, and hedonistic human beings.  And perhaps that is its ultimate purpose.

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  1. that it was cusaed by my body not being in coordination with my mind. He recommended yoga. As I was very scared I stopped transcendental meditation. I did yoga instead. I would like to know if there is a relation, and what could happen if I let go and renounce to try to control my waking when this process beginsAerea

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