The Hazards of Negative Energy

When I last left off from Mom’s story, I’d been having a lot of contact and dream visitations, and had by this time been to THREE different professional psychics (more on that later) all of whom independently confirmed the validity of the information I was getting.  I believed in it enough to begin to wonder if this sudden increase in psychic abilities and activity meant something for my life other than just getting over the passing of my mother.  Should I be using this somehow?

At first I did the only thing I knew to do. I started reading like crazy, as many books on the subject, and related subjects: After Death Communication, books written by mediums (biographical and instructional), lucid dreaming, reincarnation, psychic development, meditation, astral projection, ghosts – anything that seemed relevant and had credentials like good reviews, authors with good reputations, etc.  At this point I wasn’t necessarily ready to just swallow all of this stuff hook line and sinker, but I thought that reading many different viewpoints would help sort things out.  If practically every authority was giving the same information about some topics, then that information has a higher probability of being accurate, I reasoned.
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George and Gladys

In the early spring of 2010 my husband and I were talking one evening about his mother’s ghosts and her extreme fear of them.  Bill’s mother is 90 years old.  Her second husband, George, committed suicide about a year before my mother did but in a much more dramatic way: he shot himself in the head.  I was at work the day this happened.  Bill called me and after insisting that I sit down he told me what happened.  George took out his false teeth and emptied his pockets onto the nightstand in the bedroom.  Then went out into the back yard with a revolver, stuck it into his mouth, and pulled the trigger.  Bill’s mother was in another part of the condo but she heard the noise when the gun went off.  She found him in the back yard and went screaming to the neighbor’s.  They called 911 and the rest is what you would expect.

Bill’s sister stayed with their mother for a couple months after that happened.  During that time they could sense George in the condo.  They could hear him walking around and even feel him brush past them.  Bill spent one night in the condo (the night after it happened) and he said he slept with his back to the window all night, for fear he would see George standing outside in the back yard or worse – looking in the window!
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Earthbound Spirit Encounter – The Auction

And now for something completely different …

As a child I figured out gradually that there are basically two kinds of ghosts.  There were the kind like my grandparents – a positive, loving entity who can go where they want, when they want.  And then there were the kind that lived in the woods – the kind associated with Halloween, the spooky, the icky, and the scary.  These ones were usually stuck someplace.  Sometimes you run into a friendly one but they are still usually creepy.

Many years later in reading about spirits I learned that this is generally believed to be true.  The Bible says that “it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).  Most people take this to mean there is no such thing as reincarnation, but I have come to understand this differently.  Rather, at the end of (every) lifetime we die and face judgment.  Researchers of the NDE (Near Death Experience) refer to this as the life review, where you entire life is reviewed and you understand everything that you did, said, and thought along with all of the ramifications these things had on others.  So here is the process: you die, you go into The Light, and you have a life review (judgment).  At that point you are “in The Light” a “clean spirit”.  If instead, when you die, you hang around and do not go into the light, perhaps because you think you are going to hell, or God doesn’t want you, or some other such flawed idea, then you are no better off than you were when you were alive.  Actually you are worse off because you are living in the physical world with no body to interact effectively with it.  You are not in The Light, instead you are an “unclean spirit”.  And you are probably living with a lot of self imposed beliefs like “I can’t leave this house” and your beliefs become your own prison, at least temporarily.  I have come to believe that most earthbound spirit occurrences resolve themselves in time.  Most hauntings you hear about are less than a couple hundred years old.  If they were stuck here forever then the world would completely fill up with ghosts!
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