The Lucid Dream Pill – Galantamine

As these experiences continued I started doing more research and reading, including the topic of lucid dreaming.  There has been so much research done since the last time I studied this subject, which was probably at least 25 years ago.

One of the subjects being researched right now is the lucid dreaming “pill”.  There is a substance found in daffodils and read spider lilies called galantamine that has been shown to increase the ability to lucid dream.  Apparently you have to be able to do it before you use the pill – just taking the pill itself is not enough.   The pill works by blocking the breakdown of neurotransmitters thought to be involved in dreaming and memory (this substance is also being tested in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease).  Here is an article with the details. I ordered a bottle from (what don’t they carry?) Galantamine (GalantaMind), 4 mg – 90 Capsules.

As directed I took the pill at 3:00AM – my husband Bill also woke up at the time and knew I was taking it.  This was to ensure that he didn’t wake me up in the morning!  Shortly after taking the pill, I woke up in my parents’ bed.  Since I know the room was completely dismantled at that point, I knew I was dreaming!  I got out of bed and wondered what to do next.  This was so exciting!  My first lucid dream pill dream!  A few seconds later my mother walks in.  Wow!  We opened up the closet in my old room and it was full of my old clothes.  I could hardly contain my enthusiasm. 

“In a million years, I never thought I would be standing in this room with you again!” I told her.

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“Let’s go shopping like we always did!” I said.

We went to Kauffman’s and shopped for hours!  That store is long gone of course, but in a dream you can do what you want.  We went to the one that used to be in Natrona Heights.  They always had tons of sale and clearance racks; we were regulars at this place back in the 1980’s.

After that we went to watch a fireworks display from the top of the UPMC building in downtown Pittsburgh.  It was fantastic!  When it was over I suggested we jump down since she was already dead and I was dreaming.  One of the other dream characters suggested we didn’t need to be that dramatic and why not just take the elevator over here?  So we went down the normal way instead.  Then we went to a restaurant and were having this fun, lavish meal when the dream started to destabilize.  I stood up.  “Everybody, spin!  It will stabilize the dream!” I yelled, getting up from the table and spinning.  When the dream still didn’t settle down, I told it “Stabilize dream!”  And it did.

But now everyone in the place is looking at us really funny.  In reality if someone got up from a table in a restaurant and did that – well the guys in white coats would be coming to take you away.  We decided it was a good time to leave.  Check please!  We were in the Pitt dreamscape and were walking down a sidewalk through a grassy area.  There was a gate at the end.  Dad was up ahead of us and he went through the gate first.  When we got there we couldn’t figure out where he went.  Then I saw him up ahead, around a clump of trees.  I told her to wait – I’d go get him.  When I got there he was being harassed by a group of teenagers.  They asked me what I was going to do about it.  I said “Well this is my dream, so this is what I am going to do about it.”  I whipped out a  2 by 4, swung it up over my shoulder and smiled at them.  They ran away.  When Dad and I got back to the gate my mother was gone and I woke up.  It was 10:00AM and I’d most likely had this dream for 3 or 4 hours, making it the longest lucid dream I have ever had.

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