The Hazards of Negative Energy

When I last left off from Mom’s story, I’d been having a lot of contact and dream visitations, and had by this time been to THREE different professional psychics (more on that later) all of whom independently confirmed the validity of the information I was getting.  I believed in it enough to begin to wonder if this sudden increase in psychic abilities and activity meant something for my life other than just getting over the passing of my mother.  Should I be using this somehow?

At first I did the only thing I knew to do. I started reading like crazy, as many books on the subject, and related subjects: After Death Communication, books written by mediums (biographical and instructional), lucid dreaming, reincarnation, psychic development, meditation, astral projection, ghosts – anything that seemed relevant and had credentials like good reviews, authors with good reputations, etc.  At this point I wasn’t necessarily ready to just swallow all of this stuff hook line and sinker, but I thought that reading many different viewpoints would help sort things out.  If practically every authority was giving the same information about some topics, then that information has a higher probability of being accurate, I reasoned.

Next, I started meditating again.  Back when I was a young teenager and psychic stuff was happening to me I had a few books on meditation, chakras, etc and I got pretty good at it!  I could actually leave my body, float up the ceiling, turn over, and look down at myself on the bed.  Being a kid I’d never had anyone tell me that this was usual or difficult to achieve so I never questioned it.  As an adult it isn’t so easy to trust like that!  Nevertheless, I started meditation again, just simple breath meditation, chakra cleansing, white light, etc.  I also started practicing yoga as it is the only form of exercise I’ve found that I don’t hate.

I realized I needed to get really serious about learning to develop and control these abilities in the spring of 2010.  I had a really big fight with my husband – one of those emotional but (thankfully) rare arguments about a subject that pushed both of our buttons.  When I’d had enough I went into the master bathroom and slammed the door!  I heard a loud crack and turned to see that I’d slammed it hard enough to crack the mirror on the back of the door.  Geez!  Time to get a hold of the temper … temper … I’d been kind of prone to outbursts of temper since my mother died.  She chewed me out for that in a dream once.  A friend of mine, who was widowed young and is therefore considered an expert on the subject of grief, told me that flying off the handle over dumb things is a grief symptom and it would go away in time.  It was already happening less frequently when this fight happened, but it was another six months before I was back to normal.

The master bathroom is right off of the master bedroom, and the door and mirror in question are right next to my husband’s side of the bed.  As it is a cheap crappy mirror he wasn’t particularly angry about it, and we talked about replacing it with a nicer one up in the attic.  Fortunately I don’t believe all that BS about 7 years of bad luck.  It’s been a year already and I have not had any bad luck! Bad luck aside there were some unforeseen consequences to this little temper tantrum.  A few weeks later we were lying in bed in the middle of the night and for some reason we were both awake.

“Do you hear that?” he whispered.

“Hear what?” I asked.  “I don’t have my hearing aids in.”

“Well put them in!  The bathroom door is moving!  It’s creaking back and forth.  I can hear it, and I can just barely see it in the moonlight.  Sometimes I hear other things like someone is back in the cubbyhole behind the bathroom – knocks, stuff moving around.  This has been happening for weeks.  Are we haunted?”

I put my hearing aids in and yes – I could hear it too.  I was perplexed – I didn’t sense anything weird in the house, and I’d talked to a professional medium a few weeks before who confirmed that the house was clear.  We hadn’t been any places where you would be at risk for picking up stray ghosts.  So what was it? And then it dawned on me.

“Did this start before or after we had that fight and I slammed the door and broke that mirror?”

“Come to think of it, it started right after that.”

I now had a theory.  Given that I was experiencing all this psychic awakening and meditating, which in the past increased the psychic phenomena, could it be that *I* was responsible for the energy making all the noise in the bathroom?  I’d read about poltergeists, and how at least some of them have been attributed to psychokinesis originating from a living member of the household.  After all, I was really angry when I slammed the door, and my anger manifested physically as a crack in the mirror – maybe it hung around afterwards in the environment, like a residual haunting?

“I have an idea,” I told him.  “Just lie there and be quiet for a while.  I am going to meditate and try something.” So I went into a deep meditation and white lighted the bathroom door.  And the bathroom, and the crawl space behind the bathroom, and might as well do the bedroom, the whole house, and the yard.  You just can’t be too careful with this sort of thing.

I waited about a week and then checked in with him.  “Did the noises stop after I did that white light meditation?”

“Yeah!  That was amazing!  I haven’t heard a thing since.”

I had further confirmation when I was telling this story to by step daughter, who was staying with us at the time in a bedroom across the hallway.  She heard the noises too, and noticed when they suddenly stopped. That is when I realized I needed to be more serious about all this and take some real classes.  When you start scaring people you are in over your head.  Overall my husband is pretty good at putting up with my crazy stuff, but things moving around by themselves and unexplainable noises are beyond his tolerance level.

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