The Dream Cell Phone – A First Method of Contact

I had a dream that my husband and I were on my parents’ deck rehearsing some music.  We had a disagreement about something and started to bicker.  I got annoyed and went into the house.  I decided I was sick of this diet (I started a diet with Bariatric Weight Loss, and eventually did loose 50 pounds), and I wanted a dang fried egg!  Besides, I reasoned, you can’t gain weight from something you eat in a dream. [Note: I Lucid Dream – see the Lucid Dream page for more information] 

While I was making the fried egg my cell phone rang and it was my mother!  I started telling her about the disagreement and other dumb day to day stuff, just like I did when she was alive.  I ate the egg at the kitchen table, still talking to her.  Then I walked out to the sun porch and noticed something strange.

“Hey, you’re not going to believe this, but the forsythia bush is blooming.   But it’s fall!  Isn’t that only supposed to bloom in the spring?  I am going to check it out,” I told her.
Still holding the cell phone, I went downstairs and went out the back door.  I saw that the forsythia bush was not blooming.  What I was seeing were roses blooming that had grown through the forsythia.  There was a huge rose trellis behind the shed that had four sides.  Both yellow and deep pink roses were blooming on it in huge numbers, and then overgrowing into the yard in all directions.

“You are not going to believe what your roses did!” I told her.  I described how they were growing everywhere in abundance.  I was running through them and throwing petals up in the air.  Then I remembered the wisteria bush at the Aunt Farm [see below of explination].
“Hey, do you think that giant wisteria bush that we saw back at the aunt is still there?  Do you remember that crazy thing growing up that huge pine tree in the back?” I asked her.  She said she thought it was still there.

The dream changed, and I was sitting on an enclosed porch with my mother that was on the side of the house where the bedrooms are (this porch does not really exist).  She had her cane and I was helping her come down the steps from the porch door, so that we could go back into the house.

Note: I looked up rose color symbolism on the internet: Deep pink roses mean gratitude, and yellow roses mean friendship and happiness.  A blooming  bush means development and personal growth.  Eggs can symbolize creativity.

The Aunt Farm – when my grandparents got too old to live by themselves, three of my unmarried aunts moved back in to help take care of them.  After my grandparents died they kept the arrangement.  And it was an old farm – hence the “Aunt Farm”.  One of them had a boyfriend who we all called The Ardvaark!

The dream cell phone becames a regular method of contact from this time on.