Getting Real: Professional Medium Reading

I did my homework before I took this step.  I had read about a dozen books by this time (see Recommended Reading Page) and learned about the Veritas Project at the University of Arizona.  This project has completed but resulted in more research into the survival of consciousness and mediumship, as well as a non-profit organization The Windbridge Institute For Applied Research in Human Potential.  Beyond being just another research program about ESP type stuff (the government has been doing this for decades) these programs actually studied mediumship in a controlled laboratory setting.  And they were able to rate and certify the mediums based on their accuracy rate!

According to the strict scientific definition, a medium is “an individual who experiences regular communication with the deceased”.  That pretty much makes me one.  So this is where I get up in front of a crowd of people and say “Hi, my name is Laura and I am a medium”.

Anyway, through a long (boring) process of looking for people who were certified by these programs in various ways, and had good recommendations, I eventually located three different mediums.  The first reading I had was with Denise Lescano.  Denise resides in Florida.  Not that it matters – everybody I found does readings over the phone.  There is no time or space on the other side.  It doesn’t matter how far apart the medium and the subject are.  These folks also conduct their readings under the same conditions as the laboratory experiments.  They go to great lengths to set things up so that they know nothing but your first name.

It was a sunny but cold day in late November in 2009 when I had my reading with Denise.  As suggested, I’d arranged for a quiet place where I could relax and nobody would interrupt – in my cat room by the fire.  I had it during the day while my son was at school and Bill knew what was going on and purposely avoided coming in so as to not mess things up.

She called me and explained a little about how the process works, then had me relax and concentrate on who I wanted to contact (Mom?  You there?).  The first guy she got I had no idea who he was – turns out, he was my dad’s uncle Archie!  Denise did warn me that I could get information for other people, and they all knew full well and I was going to run over and play the recording of this reading for Dad the very next day.  So tons of relatives I’d never heard of – but he had known very well – showed up to tell him 

Next was my dad’s father – Grandpa Mason!  I never met him when he was alive (but I did after he was dead, and I will post about that when it is time for a “way back machine” post).  He told her I was “a coal miner’s daughter” – a family joke because Grandpa Mason was actually a coal miner.

At this point Denise says “hold on, there is someone here – I believe it is your mother.  That’s who you really wanted to hear from, wasn’t it?  She says to not worry – she is here but wants to let a few other people say hello first.”  Which is EXACTLY the kind of thing my mother would say.

After a few more of Dad’s childhood relatives recorded their greetings, Denise went back to my mother.  “She says she gave you a sign,” she explained.  “She is showing me a picture of a blue butterfly.”

“Yes!” I said excitedly.

“You were somewhere and you saw a blue butterfly?  Or one was following you?”

“Several, ” I said, and told her the story about the train ride and the butterflies.

Then I got to hear from all of the Aunt Farm aunts, Grandma Mason, Grandma Anderson – they were all there.  It was hard for Denise to separate out all of these family members.  It was hard to do that when they were alive too!

Then a shocker: “I have a man here who committed suicide by shooting himself in the head!”  This is my husband’s step father.  He did commit suicide by shooting himself in the head, about two years prior.  He was there with “Gladys.”  I had no idea who Gladys was until Bill listened to the recording.  That is HIS grandmother!  George and Gladys show up at almost all of my readings.

My mother did not want to tell Denise that she too had committed suicide.  She lead her all over the place – the knee replacement, the infections, the beginning of dementia – but eventually I had to rat her out.  Denise was shocked – she said they almost always tell her right away (she has worked extensively with suicide survivor groups).  My mother got upset and apologized profusely for doing that and went on for a few minutes about how awful it was when Dad found her body.  I found this very interesting because I could not get her to talk about the suicide at all before this.  I had a few short dreams where I encountered her and tried to ask if she went into the light that night, or if she stayed earthbound until after I lost contact with her after her funeral, and who came to help her cross over (Jesus, sisters, parents?).  I mean, inquiring minds want to know!  But she would just look away and not answer or vanish outright.  It was another year before she was really willing to talk about it.

By now it was nearly the end of my hour and I asked if I could talk to Grandpa Anderson.  She got him easily (they were all there – going back many generations as she put it).  I asked about the music.  He told us he had classical lessons on violin and piano growing up at a local music store, and he was pretty sure there was still documentation that the store existed that was findable.  He gave the name of a violinist who was his role model – Fritz Kriesler.  I’d never heard of this guy and neither had Denise, but my classically trained violinist husband recognized the name immediately.  This guy – like my childhood piano playing displayed – was into a lot of Romantic style phrasing and RUBATO.  Then Grandpa told me to go sing – he said I had a huge range (turned out to be almost 4 octaves) and it would be like Susan Boyle.  People who had known me my whole life would be shocked when they heard me.  He gave me information for the CD and even better – he followed up with even more information via dreams – more posts on that to come!

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  1. Carolyn,Although no words can rlaley help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer. I am overcome with sadness.Trish

  2. Lucid dreams are amazing, you come in total control of your
    dream and you’ll move and connect to the world that a mind, imagination along with sub-conscious have suitable for you and in some cases influence those things of another characters of this dream. I hope that you can to encounter a lucid dream, as they may be the most beautiful and resourceful places you will ever move or see, they are worlds which can be entirely your.

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